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About us


The St. Jude Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member owned operated organization. We strive to provide the best possible financial services within our capabilities to our members in a timely manner. Our goal is to offer reasonable rates and maintain the credit union’s financial stability.


2022 Board of Directors:

Malachy McCarthy

Kevin Goodwin
Maria Contreras

Arturo Gonzalez
Darlicia Johnson

Bruce Shudy

The Beauty of Being Small

Small credit unions tend to have a closeness and familiarity with their

members. This personal touch can be an advantage. They can also be flexible

and make needed changes more quickly. There are also challenges in areas

of loan and membership growth, asset quality and earnings. Navigating

increasingly complex regulations can also be difficult. Sometimes it is possible

for a small credit union to partner with a larger credit union to offer services

or solve a problem. There are no silver bullets; each credit union’s solution is

as unique as the credit union itself. They may involve new strategic alliances,

collaboration efforts, focused niche strategies, and regulatory relief efforts.

Although they are not always obvious in statistical reports, there are success

stories that are inspirational.

                                                         - Excerpted from Credit Union Magazine

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